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BAO, LLC (BAO Food and Drink) is the next generation food and beverage company focused on creating delicious and healthy products using organic ingredients and local resources.

Our company name represents the attitude we bring to our business.  It takes a bold person to commit to living a healthy life and reject the constant barrage of advertisements promoting the sweet tasting food and drinks that are horrible for ourselves and our families.

By using the natural process of fermentation, we instill all our products with probiotics (living bacteria) proven to aid in digestion.  Probiotic means “for life” and that’s what we give our beverages, foods, sauces and our customers.

Mike Schwartz – After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Mike was employed in the kitchens of some of New York City’s premier restaurants, including Osteria del Circo, where he was executive sous chef, and Le Cirque. He has been an instructor in the career program at the Institute of Culinary Education for the past 12 years.  Through BAO, Mike offers consulting on a variety of food subjects including
nutrition, manufacturing and recipe development.  Mike is also a 4th degree black belt and Seido karate instructor.

Mike Brady – After graduating from Wharton, Mike spent 15 years building and investing in internet and software businesses.  As an entrepreneur, corporate executive and advisor, he has a passion for building businesses that contribute positively to our world.  Mike is also a board member at the Greyston Foundation, and an avid supporter of social entrepreneurs.

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