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Simpur Organic Laundry Detergents

Posted in Featured Brand on April 28th at 4:24 pm

As consumers become increasingly aware of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the world around them, many are actively seeking out more environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaners.  However, while several “All Natural” alternatives exist, it has been difficult to find a truly “Organic” option.  No longer.  Responding to the growing demand for reliable and effective organic cleaning solutions, Simpur presents its new line of USDA Certified Organic laundry detergents.  Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, and containing zero preservatives, each ingredient in Simpur detergents is guaranteed to be as pure as nature intended.

Simpur Organic Laundry Detergents

From the family of Shiloh Farms, Simpur builds upon a rich heritage of developing wholesome, all natural products as it strives to create a greener, healthier world.  With practical and effective organic cleaning solutions that minimize environmental impact without sacrificing cleaning power, Simpur makes it possible to live a truly well-balanced life.

The entire line of Simpur organic laundry detergents is now available through Garden Spot Distributors:

502020 Lavender Laundry Detergent:  2/100 oz. – $19.98 (CS) – $14.99 (SRP)

502000 Pure & Free Laundry Detergent:  4/50 oz. – $23.96 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

502010 Pure & Free Laundry Detergent:  2/100 oz. – $19.98 (CS) – $14.99 (SRP)

If you are interested in carrying Simpur or any of our other great brands, contact us today!

PureLiving – Organic Sprouted Flours

Posted in Featured Brand on April 15th at 12:21 pm

Because they are more easily digested and their nutrients more readily absorbed, sprouted grains are widely considered to be much healthier than their unsprouted counterparts.  However, the process of sprouting and milling grains for use in baking and cooking can be a time consuming hassle.  Not anymore.  PureLiving now offers a new line of organic sprouted flours that provides all of the superior nutritional benefits of sprouted whole grains without the muss or fuss.  By simply substituting in one of PureLiving’s prepared specialty flours, consumers can quickly give their favorite recipes a nourishing and flavorful makeover.  Whether used in healthier, sprouted versions of breads, dough, and cookies, as a coating on meats, or to thicken soups and stews, with 11 different varieties, each with its own unique taste and texture, the possibilities are endless. 

PureLiving Organic Sprouted Flours

New from the family of Shiloh Farms and sharing its commitment to all-natural ingredients and authentic processes, PureLiving offers innovative and unique products for a new generation of health-conscious consumers who value convenience as well as nutrition.  With an ever-expanding inventory of nourishing prepared and quicker-fix options, PureLiving takes the hard work out of wholesome, healthy living.

Garden Spot Distributors is pleased to offer PureLiving’s complete line of organic sprouted flours:

402010 Sprouted Amaranth Flour:  6/24 oz. – $39.96 (CS) – $9.99 (SRP)

402020 Sprouted Brown Rice Flour:  6/24 oz. – $31.20 (CS) – $7.79 (SRP)

402030 Sprouted Millet Flour:  6/24 oz. – $31.98 (CS) – $7.99 (SRP)

402040 Sprouted Quinoa Flour:  6/24 oz. – $51.96 (CS) – $12.99 (SRP)

402050 Sprouted Yellow Corn Flour:  6/24 oz. – $25.98 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)

402060 Sprouted Buckwheat Flour:  6/24 oz. – $37.98 (CS) – $9.49 (SRP)

402070 Sprouted Blue Corn Flour:  6/24 oz. – $29.16 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

402080 Sprouted Garbanzo Flour:  6/24 oz. – $37.98 (CS) – $9.49 (SRP)

402090 Sprouted Sorghum Flour:  6/24 oz. – $31.98 (CS) – $7.99 (SRP)

402100 Sprouted Green Lentil Flour:  6/24 oz. – $33.18 (CS) – $8.29 (SRP)

402110 Sprouted Black Bean Flour:  6/24 oz. – $36.00 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

If you are interested in carrying PureLiving, contact us today to order!

Gluten Free Whoopie Pies from The Piping Gourmets

Posted in Featured Brand on March 31st at 10:30 am

Gluten Free Whoopie Pies from The Piping Gourmets are a new and delicious twist on an American classic.  Named after the sound (“Whoopie!”) people make when they take a bite of one of these dreamy cake sandwiches, Whoopie Pies are an iconic and beloved dessert throughout the Northeast.  Now, thanks to The Piping Gourmets, these tasty treats can be enjoyed by everyone!  Certified Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, and Non-GMO, these scrumptious snacks provide maximum indulgence with none of the guilt.

With a growing line of all natural and certified Gluten Free desserts inspired by American classics, The Piping Gourmets strives to provide flavorful and innovative dining solutions for today’s health-conscious consumers.  Desserts from The Piping Gourmets are so delicious, no one will ever know they are gluten free!

If you are interested in carrying The Piping Gourmets in your store, please contact Garden Spot Distributors today!  We are excited to carry the following Gluten Free Whoopie Pie varieties:

117800 Chocolate Vanilla Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

117810 Chocolate Raspberry Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

117820 Vanilla Lemon Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

117830  Chocolate Mint Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

St. Gabriel Organics Natural Lawn & Garden Products

Posted in Featured Brand on March 24th at 1:10 pm

For over 40 years, St. Gabriel Organics has been a leading producer of all-natural and organic products for the lawn, garden, and home.  Founded upon the simple goal of creating environmentally friendly alternatives to chemicals and pesticides, St. Gabriel Organics now offers a wide variety of innovative lawn and garden care solutions that will not harm people, children, or pets.  With a complete line of 100% natural and organic outdoor and household products, including herbicides, insect repellants, and pest control items, St. Gabriel Organics is sure to have a natural, earth-friendly solution to each of your lawn and garden problems.

Garden Spot Distributors is pleased to offer a number of St. Gabriel Organics items, including:

201700 BugShooter Wasp & Hornet Killer:  6/24 oz – $51.96 (CS) – $12.99 (SRP)

201710 BurnOut Fast Acting Weed & Grass Killer:  6/24 oz – $37.98 (CS) – $9.49 (SRP)

201720 Flea & Tick Insect Dust Diatomaceous Earth:  6/10 oz – $49.80 (CS) – $12.49 (SRP)

201730 Insect Dust Diatomaceous Earth:  6/4.4 lb – $47.94 (CS) – $11.99 (SRP)

201740 Mosquito & Tick Repellent:  6/24 oz – $55.98 (CS) – $13.99 (SRP)

If you are interested in carrying St. Gabriel Organics, please contact us today!

Shiloh Farms Coarse Wheat Bran

Posted in Featured Brand on September 17th at 5:25 pm

Bran is the multilayered outer coating of a wheat kernel that can be easily forgotten about, but it is packed with health benefits. Bran has not been heated, steamed, cooked or altered in any way, so its nutrition value is fully intact. It’s a great source of dietary fiber as it’s 80 percent insoluble and 20 percent soluble fiber. Adding Shiloh Farms Organic Wheat Bran to into your diet has wonderful benefits for the digestive tract.

Helping your customers add wheat bran into their diet is a lot easier than you may think – especially if they love to bake! We have four easy tips to keep handy just in case your customers have questions about wheat bran when they’re visiting your store.

Usage suggestions:

  • Replace ¼ cup of flour with ¼ cup coarse bran in baking recipes
  • Add ¼ cup bran to cooked cereals, soups, gravy, mashed potatoes, applesauce, meatloaf and casseroles
  • Add bran to pancake and waffle batters
  • Substitute bran for nuts in brownie mixes

If you’re interested in carrying Shiloh Farms Organic Wheat Bran in your store, Garden Spot Distributors offers the following products. Contact us today to place your order!

191111 Wheat Bran, Coarse, Organic 12/ 16 oz. CS $19.92 $1.66 $2.39

191112 Wheat Bran, Coarse, Organic 12/ 32 oz. CS $35.88 $2.99 $4.39

272116 Wheat Bran, Coarse, Organic (25 lb.) 1/ 25 lb. BG $26.99 $26.99 $30.71

191101 Wheat Bran, Fine, Organic 12/ 16 oz. CS $22.32 $1.86 $2.69

If you’re customers are looking for ways to get more fiber in their diet, don’t forget to suggest that they try adding Shiloh Farms Organic Wheat Bran to their favorite recipes!