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5 Reasons Your Customers Will Love Shiloh Farms Red Quinoa

Posted in Featured Brand on May 29th at 8:23 pm

Quinoa was once a sacred food staple for the ancient Incas who referred to it as “the Mother Grain.” In fact, quinoa isn’t a grain at all, but a seed of the Goosefoot plant. It is similar in size to millet but flat with a pointed oval shape, like a cross between sesame seeds and millet, but quinoa’s connection to a grain comes from its similar cooking properties.

Red quinoa has a more hearty texture and flavor than its paler counterparts, but it has a fluffy consistency with a mild, delicate, slightly nutty flavor similar to the over 120 other species of quinoa – ranging from ivory to pinks, brown, reds and almost black.

Shiloh Farms Red Quinoa is certified organic and is a great staple for customers looking to incorporate this high protein ingredient into their diet of healthy, wholesome foods. There are many reasons your customers will love Shiloh Farms Red Quinoa if they give it a try, but our top five are below.

Quinoa is:

  • An easy substitute for rice, wheat, corn and barley in recipes.
  • A rich and balanced source of vital nutrients.
  • A good source of fiber.
  • A light, tasty and easy-to-digest source of nutrition for children.
  • An excellent source of nutrition for vegetarians.

If you’re looking to carry this and other Shiloh Farms grains in your retail store, Garden Spot Distributors carries the following offerings. Contact us today to place your order!

191202 SHILOH FARMS Buckwheat Groats (Raw) 6 CS 32.00 oz. OR

191206 SHILOH FARMS Kasha (roasted buckwheat groats) 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

191281 SHILOH FARMS Couscous, Whole Wheat 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

191286 SHILOH FARMS Couscous 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192001 SHILOH FARMS Barley, Hulless 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192011 SHILOH FARMS Barley, Hulled 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192025 SHILOH FARMS Quinoa Grain, Tri-Color 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

192052 SHILOH FARMS Millet Grain 6 CS 30.00 oz. OR

192056 SHILOH FARMS Quinoa Grain 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192058 SHILOH FARMS Quinoa Grain, Red 6 CS 16.00 oz. OR

192062 SHILOH FARMS Brown Rice, Long Grain 6 CS 32.00 oz. OR

192072 SHILOH FARMS Brown Rice, Short Grain 6 CS 32.00 oz. OR

192084 SHILOH FARMS Brown Basmati Rice 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192141 SHILOH FARMS Kamut Grain 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192181 SHILOH FARMS California Wild Rice 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

192220 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted Red Quinoa Grain 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

192230 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted Golden Quinoa Grain 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

Bulk up your store’s selection of nutritious grains like red quinoa today!

BAO Food & Drink Raw Mango Hot Sauce

Posted in Featured Brand on May 6th at 4:38 pm

BAO Food & Drink specializes in fermented foods, a process that has been around for more than 7,000 years – longer than humans have been using fire! The process of fermentation uses salt and naturally forming fermented acids to encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms, or probiotics, to promote better digestion, more absorption of nutrition and a boosted immune system.

At Garden Spot, we distribute a variety of raw sauces and slaws, including BAO’s popular Raw Mango Hot Sauce.  Thanks to the process of fermentation, this sauce is naturally full of flavor with no added sugar, preservatives, synthetic binders or GMOs and is certified organic.

If you’re interested in carrying BAO’s raw sauces and slaws in your retail store, Garden Spot Distributors carries the following BAO Food & Drink products:

144400 BAO Greens Raw Slaw 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR K

144405 BAO Verdura Raw Slaw 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR K

144410 BAO Spicy Raw Slaw 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR K

144420 BAO Tangy Raw Slaw 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR K

144430 BAO Raw Original K’Chup 6 CS 10.70 oz. OR K

144450 BAO Raw Hot Sauce 12 CS 5.00 oz. OR K

144460 BAO Raw Jalapeno Hot Sauce 12 CS 5.00 oz. OR K

144470 BAO Raw Chipotle Hot Sauce 12 CS 5.00 oz. OR K

144480 BAO Raw Mango Hot Sauce 12 CS 5.00 oz. OR K

144490 BAO Extreme Green 12 CS 2.00 oz. OR K

Fermented foods are growing in popularity, and your customers are sure to start requesting these wholesome products that are packed with flavor! Contact us today to place your order!


Shiloh Farms Sprouted 7 Grain Bread

Posted in Featured Brand on April 18th at 9:30 pm

Sprouted organic grain bread is a type of bread made from whole organic grains that have been allowed to sprout, or germinate. Beneficial enzymes are activated that allow grains to sprout and become a living food. Sprouting is the only way to release all of the vital nutrients that are stored in whole grains.


The wonderful texture and delicious taste of Shiloh Farms Sprouted 7 Grain Bread makes it a favorite among customers.  If you’re interested in offering wholesome bread options to your customers, the following Shiloh Farms bread products are available through Garden Spot Distributors:

111095 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted BFL 7 Grain Bread

111151 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted 5 Grain Bread

111225 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted 7 Grain Bread

111235 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted No Salt 7 Grain Bread

111321 SHILOH FARMS Whole Wheat Pita

111341 SHILOH FARMS Spelt Pita


We hope you consider carrying sprouted breads in your retail location. You’ll have happy customers just like Rochelle!

Shiloh Farms Allergen-Free Chocolate Chips

Posted in Featured Brand on April 5th at 6:06 pm

Shiloh Farms is proud to offer gluten-free, allergy-friendly chocolate chips in the brand’s new line of gluten-free products that are the perfect solution for those living a gluten-free lifestyle. Shiloh Farms’ new gluten-free line offers several ingredient options for consumers with dietary restrictions.

The brand’s new chocolate chips are an extra special offering as they’re gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. Made of evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic, of course) and non-dairy cocoa butter, they’re a great baking option for those with food allergies.

If you’re interested in catering to an ever-growing number of customers with gluten and food allergy concerns, the following Shiloh Farms gluten-free products are available through Garden Spot Distributors:

192800 Brown Basmati Rice GLUTEN FREE

192805 Long Grain Rice GLUTEN FREE

192810 Short Grain Rice GLUTEN FREE

194025 Coconut Flour GLUTEN FREE

194200 Almond Flour GLUTEN FREE

194210 Tapioca Flour GLUTEN FREE

199010 Coconut Sugar GLUTEN FREE

199085 Dark Chocolate Chips GLUTEN FREE

220500 Apricots, Turkish GLUTEN FREE

220510 Cherries, Bing Pitted GLUTEN FREE

220520 Cranberries GLUTEN FREE

220530 Figs, Black Mission GLUTEN FREE

220540 Prunes, Pitted ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE

221200 Brazil Nuts GLUTEN FREE

221210 Cashews, Whole Raw ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE

221220 Hazelnuts (Filberts) GLUTEN FREE

221230 Pine Nuts (Pignolias) GLUTEN FREE

221250 Walnut Pieces & Halves GLUTEN FREE

222700 Flax Seeds, Brown GLUTEN FREE

222710 Flax Seeds, Golden GLUTEN FREE

222730 Pumpkin Seeds, Shelled GLUTEN FREE

222740 Sesame Seeds, Hulled GLUTEN FREE

222750 Sesame Seeds, Unhulled GLUTEN FREE

222760 Sunflower Seeds, Shelled GLUTEN FREE

223500 Adzuki Beans GLUTEN FREE

223510 Black Turtle Beans GLUTEN FREE

223520 Garbanzo Beans GLUTEN FREE

223530 Great Northern Beans GLUTEN FREE

223540 Kidney Beans, Dark Red GLUTEN FREE

223560 Lentils, Green GLUTEN FREE

223570 Lentils, Red Split GLUTEN FREE

223580 Lentils, French GLUTEN FREE

223590 Lima Beans, Baby GLUTEN FREE

223600 Navy Beans GLUTEN FREE

223620 Black Eyed Peas GLUTEN FREE

223630 Split Peas, Green GLUTEN FREE

223640 Split Peas, Yellow GLUTEN FREE

223650 Pinto Beans GLUTEN FREE

We hope these products help you draw a new customer base of gluten-free, allergen-free shoppers!

Orca Bay Keta Salmon Filets

Posted in Featured Brand on March 28th at 3:31 pm

Based in Seattle, Orca Bay believes that sustainable seafood is not only critical to the continued success of the seafood business, but it’s also the right thing to do for the planet. This energetic and creative food products company has been providing exceptional seafood choices for more than 20 years – offering fish ranging from Ahi Tuna Steaks, Flounder Fillets and Sword Fish Steaks, and many more!

The low-key flavor of their Keta Salmon Fillets blends so well with spice rubs and zesty sauces that it’s a favorite among customers. The fish is delicious when smoked and many grilling enthusiasts use wood chips to bring out the fish’s appealing flavor. On top of the delicious flavor, the fillets have a moderate fat content that delivers the highest level of heart-healthy Omega-3’s. This fish is sure to be a hit with seafood lovers who are conscious of the importance of sustainability in the industry.


If you’re interested in carrying Keta Salmon Fillets or any of Orca Bay’s other delicious seafood offerings, the following varieties are available through Garden Spot Distributors:

171130 ORCA BAY Ahi Tuna Steaks (Yellowfin), wild caught

171140 ORCA BAY Flounder Fillets, wild caught

171160 ORCA BAY Keta Salmon Fillets, wild caught

171190 ORCA BAY Pacific Ocean Perch Fillets, wild caught

171200 ORCA BAY Sword Fish Steaks, wild caught

171210 ORCA BAY Mahi Mahi Fillets, wild caught

171220 ORCA BAY Mediterranean Style Yellowfin Tuna Burger

171230 ORCA BAY Teriyaki Style Yellowfin Tuna Burger

171240 ORCA BAY Teriyaki Style Sockeye Salmon Burger

We hope these products help you introduce a sustainable seafood option in your store!