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Dutch Country Soft Pretzels

Posted in Featured Brand on July 2nd at 4:19 pm

Enjoy Dutch Country Gluten-Free pretzels and soft pretzels for 20% off in the month of June at Garden Spot Foods

What is better than a hot, fresh, delicious soft pretzel? How about a gluten-free, soft pretzel made in the heart of Lancaster County, PA, where natural ingredients and homemade goodness go hand in hand?!

Dutch Country Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels strive for quality, freshness, and taste. The original recipe has been a favorite of Lancaster County for over 25 years and is now enjoyed by customers throughout the country.

Not only does Dutch Country offer their soft pretzels in frozen form, they are also available as a mix. Your customers can roll and bake their very own gluten-free soft pretzels. The package even comes with easy-to-follow directions and pictures that makes twisting pretzels easy and fun!

Garden Spot Foods is offering Dutch Country Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels and Gluten-Free Soft Pretzel Mix for 20% off in the month of July!

190100 Soft Pretzel Mix: 6/1.5 lb. – $35.09* (CS) – $10.99 (SRP)
112005 Soft Pretzels: 12/10 oz. – $43.49* (CS) – $6.79 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 20% discount valid thru 7/31/18.

Mud, Coconut Mousse

Posted in Featured Brand on June 25th at 12:38 pm

MUD coconut mousse non-dairy gluten-free frozen dessert! 15% off thru August

Are you looking for a guilt-free, non-dairy dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth? Well look no further! Introducing MUD, a new plant-based, vegan mousse made with simple, whole food ingredients. Free from processed sugars, dairy, and high fructose corn syrup, MUD is the perfect alternative to sugary desserts!

MUD, short for Mindfulness Using Desserts, was created to provide customers with a healthy non-dairy frozen treat option. MUD contains coconuts and cashews, whipped into a creamy bliss and sweetened only by dates! Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Paleo, MUD can be enjoyed straight from the freezer or fridge. Be mindful of what you eat!

MUD is available in 3 delicious flavors; chocolate, coffee and vanilla!

Can’t wait to try MUD’s non-dairy desserts? Order through August with Garden Spot Foods and save 15%:

145075 Chocolate Coconut Mousse: 8/14 oz – $38.01 (CS)* – $7.99 (SRP)
145080 Coffee Coconut Mousse: 8/14 oz – $38.01 (CS)* – $7.99 (SRP)
145085 Vanilla Coconut Mousse: 8/14 oz – $38.01 (CS)* – $7.99 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 15% discount valid thru 8/31/18.

Barely Bread Grain-Free Bread

Posted in Featured Brand on June 20th at 3:09 pm

Barely Bread 100% grain-free bread, bagels, and baguettes

Most gluten-free loaves claim that they are healthy but are in fact loaded with extra carbs and sugar. Barely Bread is different: a 100% grain-free bread that offers delicious flavors without sacrificing nutrition.

Barely Bread was created by Amanda Orso, who set out to make a bread that was low in carbs and refined sugars. After many different trial runs, Amanda finally found a blend of almond, seed, and coconut flours to create a perfect balance between health and taste.

Barely Bread can be enjoyed right out of the toaster or oven and piled high with customers’ favorite meats, nut butters, condiments, vegetables, or any number of delicious toppings! Barely Bread does not contain any preservatives and does best when kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

The Barely Bread line includes grain-free loaves, bagels, and baguettes. All Barely Bread products are certified gluten-free, certified paleo, certified keto by the paleo foundation, diabetic-friendly, high in fiber, low in net carbs, and free from preservatives, fillers, and artificial sweeteners. What’s not to love?!

Garden Spot Foods offers a variety of Barely Bread’s products:

178505 Cinnamon-Raisin Grain Free Bagel (4/pk): 6/11 oz. – $62.94 (CS) – $14.99 (SRP)
178510 Onion-Garlic Grain Free Bagel (4/pk): 6/11 oz. – $62.94 (CS) – $14.99 (SRP)
178515 Olive Grain Free Baguettes (2/pk):  6/8.8 oz. – $46.14 (CS) – $10.99 (SRP)
178520 Onion-Garlic Grain Free Baguettes (2/pk):  6/8.8 oz. – $46.14 (CS) – $10.99 (SRP)
178500 Grain Free Sliced Bread: 6/11 oz. – $67.14 (CS) – $15.99 (SRP)

Missy J’s: Carob Snacks + Treats

Posted in Featured Brand on August 3rd at 9:41 am

Missy J's: Carob Cups 15% off through August 31st!

Missy J’s mission is to provide “better for you” snacks and treats that, first and foremost, taste divine, are free from unhealthy ingredients (such as white processed sugar, dairy, and caffeine), are lower glycemic, and are Non-GMO. They pack their treats with love, as well as nutrient dense ingredients, such as carob, coconut oil, and almonds, to name a few. Think if Mrs. Fields and Godiva had a healthy baby, that’s Missy J’s!

Through August 31st, save 15% on Missy J’s Carob Cups! Garden Spot Foods currently offers a wide variety of Missy J’s sweet treats:

243600 Mint Carob Cup: 12/.75 oz. – $16.93 (CS)* – $2.49 (SRP)
243610 Peanut Butter Carob Cup: 12/.75 oz. – $16.93 (CS)* – $2.49 (SRP)
243620 PB&J Carob Cup: 12/.75 oz. – $16.93(CS)* – $2.49 (SRP)
243625 Coconut Almond Crispy Bark: 9/2.8 oz. – $38.34 (CS) – $6.39 (SRP)
243630 Orange Ginger Crispy Bark: 9/2.8 oz. – $38.34 (CS) – $6.39 (SRP)
243635 PB Brittle Quinoa Crispy Bark: 9/2.8 oz. – $38.34 (CS) – $6.39 (SRP)
243640 Coconut Almond Truffley Treat: 16/1.38 oz. – $40.48 (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
243645 Mint Lime Sea Salt Truffley Treat: 16/1.38 oz. – $40.48 (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
243650 Orange Truffley Treat: 16/1.38 oz. – $40.48 (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
243655 Peanut Butter Truffley Treat: 16/1.38 oz. – $40.48 (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 15% discount valid through 8/31/16.

Contact us today if you are interested in carrying Missy J’s or any of our other great brands!

PureLiving: New Organic Sprouted Flours

Posted in Featured Brand on July 11th at 2:21 pm

PureLiving: New Organic Sprouted Flours 15% off through September!

Some big changes are coming to PureLiving’s Organic, Sprouted Flours. Not only is the brand pleased to debut its new look (check it out here!), but a number of exciting additions are coming to the line, including Sprouted Buckwheat Flour (back by popular demand!), Sprouted Spelt Flour, and a Sprouted Heirloom Flour Blend!

Even with all these changes, you can rest assured that at least one constant remains: the superior quality you’ve come to expect and trust from PureLiving! Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, Non-GMO, and Raw, all of PureLiving’s highly nutritious and easy-to-digest sprouted flours have been carefully produced under the strictest conditions to ensure their quality. And, with several Whole Grain and High Protein Legume options, varieties are available to meet a wide range of dietary and culinary needs!


Sprouting is a natural process for preserving the many wonders of new life. As whole grains (or legumes) begin to sprout, naturally occurring beneficial enzymes are activated, while vitamins and minerals that normally lay dormant are released. At the same time, starches and proteins are converted into more easily digested simple sugars. These processes result in the increased bioavailability of nutrients, making them more easily absorbed by the body to provide energy and nourishment!

Through September, save 15% on all new PureLiving Organic Sprouted Flours! The entire line is now available through Garden Spot Foods:

Available Now:

402061 Sprouted Buckwheat Flour:  6/24 oz. – $39.07 (CS)* – $11.49 (SRP)
402011 Sprouted Amaranth Flour:  6/24 oz. – $43.80 (CS) – $10.99 (SRP)
402021 Sprouted Brown Rice Flour:  6/24 oz. – $34.68 (CS) – $8.69 (SRP)
402031 Sprouted Millet Flour:  6/24 oz. – $35.22 (CS) – $8.79 (SRP)
402041 Sprouted Quinoa Flour:  6/24 oz. – $65.76 (CS) – $16.39 (SRP)
402050 Sprouted Yellow Corn Flour:  6/24 oz. – $29.76 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)
402070 Sprouted Blue Corn Flour:  6/24 oz. – $32.88 (CS) – $8.29 (SRP)
402081 Sprouted Garbanzo Flour:  6/24 oz. – $42.06 (CS) – $10.49 (SRP)
402091 Sprouted Sorghum Flour:  6/24 oz. – $35.76 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)
402101 Sprouted Lentil Flour:  6/24 oz. – $37.26 (CS) – $9.29 (SRP)
402110 Sprouted Black Bean Flour:  6/24 oz. – $39.24 (CS) – $9.79 (SRP)

Available in August:

402130 Sprouted Spelt Flour:  6/24 oz. – $30.91 (CS)* – $9.09 (SRP)
402135 Sprouted Spelt Flour:  4/3 lbs. – $35.34 (CS)* – $15.59 (SRP)
402140 Sprouted Hard Wheat Flour:  6/24 oz. – $24.79 (CS)* – $7.29 (SRP)
402145 Sprouted Hard Wheat Flour:  4/3 lbs. – $27.18 (CS)* – $11.99 (SRP)
402150 Sprouted Soft Wheat Flour:  6/24 oz. – $25.81 (CS)* – $7.59 (SRP)
402120 Sprouted Heirloom Blend Flour:  6/24 oz. – $41.11 (CS)* – $12.09 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 15% discount valid thru 9/30/16.

If you are interested in carrying PureLiving or any of our other great brands, contact us today!