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Violife 100% Vegan Cheese

Posted in Featured Brand on August 9th at 5:11 pm

Violife 100% vegan, gluten-free cheeses


Introducing new Violife 100% vegan cheeses! Made with all-natural products, Violife is free from animal products, preservatives, soy, nuts, gluten, lactose and cholesterol. Your customers can be assured they are eating guilt and allergen free! They will also love the versatility of the chesses and how many ways they can cook with them. From pizza to mac & cheese the possibilities are endless with easy-to-melt Violife cheeses.

Violife was created in Thessalonica Greece by foodies dedicated to making 100% vegan, non-dairy products. They are committed to making harmless, clean, real food without compromising taste. Violife has been able to create a wide range of cheese from wedges, blocks, slices and everything in between.

Garden Spot Foods is happy to carry a wide variety of Violife Cheeses in slices, blocks, and wedges!

143460 Just Like Feta Block: 12/7.05 oz. – $54.48 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)
143435 Just Like Mature Cheddar Block: 13/7.05 oz. – $45.37 (CS) – $4.99 (SRP)
143445 Just Like Mozzarella Block: 13/7.05 oz. – $45.37 (CS) – $4.99 (SRP)
143450 Just Like Mature Cheddar Slices: 12/7.05 oz. – $48.60 (CS) – $5.79 (SRP)
143455 Just Like Smoked Provolone Slices: 12/7.05 oz. – $48.60 (CS) – $5.79 (SRP)
143465 Just Like Parmesan Wedge: 11/7.05 oz. – $49.94 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)


NaturGreen Non-Dairy Pudding

Posted in Featured Brand on July 31st at 8:19 am

NaturGreen Non-Dairy Puddings, 20% off until the end of July!

Introducing NaturGreen non-dairy pudding! New to Garden Spot Foods, NaturGreen pudding is a delicious, certified organic, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan pudding made from coconut and almond milks. NaturGreen is also conveniently shelf-stable and does not need to be refrigerated.

All NatruGreen products are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Your customers can feel safe while enjoying this yummy treat. The folks at NaturGreen are dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint and have made sure all of their packaging is 100% recyclable.

Garden Spot Foods is happy to offer NaturGreen puddings in 4 delightful flavors: Almond Cocoa Pudding, Almond Vanilla Pudding, Coconut Cocoa Pudding and Coconut Pineapple Pudding. Enjoy all flavors for 20% off  until the end of July!

143900 Almond Cocoa Pudding: 6/8.8 oz. – $13.73* (CS) – $4.29 (SRP)
143905 Almond Vanilla Pudding: 6/8.8 oz. – $13.73* (CS) – $4.29 (SRP)
143910 Coconut Cocoa Pudding: 6/8.8 oz. – $13.73* (CS) – $4.29 (SRP)
143915 Coconut Pineapple Pudding: 6/8.8 oz. – $13.73* (CS) – $4.29 (SRP)

*Prices reflect 20% discount valid thru 7/31/2018.


McCabe’s Granola

Posted in Featured Brand on July 24th at 8:14 am


McCabe's Granola 10% off in AugustIt’s summertime, which means people are on-the-go traveling to beaches, parks, pools, and visiting out-of-town friends or family. Your customers don’t have time to make elaborate meals or snacks when vacation is calling! McCabe’s Paleo Granola is just the right fit for the on-the-go customer looking to eat healthy while soaking up the summer sun.

McCabe’s new line of Paleo Granola has a unique blend of grains, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, and maple syrup that makes it a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack. Gluten-Free McCabe’s is proud to make their products with all-natural ingredients that are easy to pronounce. There no artificial flavors, preservatives, or additives in any of McCabe’s granola products.

Garden Spot Foods is excited to offer the three newest McCabe’s Paleo Granola flavors: Choco Neanderthal Nuggets, Spicy Dino-Mite and Cran Bedrock Berries. Try all of McCabe’s Granola for 10% off in August!

193590 Caveman Crunch Paleo Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)
193563 Choco Neanderthal Paleo Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)
193565 Cran Bedrock Berries Paleo Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)
193568 Spicy Dino-mite Paleo Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)
193570 Cran with a Twist Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)
193575  Delta Blueberry Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)
193580 PB & Chocolate Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)
193585 True Original Granola: 6/10 oz. – $26.24 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

 *Prices reflect 10% discount valid thru 8/31/2018.



Australis Barramundi

Posted in Featured Brand on July 16th at 10:53 am

Australis, Barramundi try now at Garden Spot Foods and receive 10% off in JulyWith so many “fish in the sea,” choosing the right one can be difficult. Australis makes the choice easy with their healthy, environmentally-friendly, sustainable Barramundi, a seabass native to Australia. Part of Climate-Smart Ocean Farming, Australis contributes very little to the environmental footprint. Your customers can feel content knowing they are eating smarter while also helping the environment.

Australis Barramundi is an extraordinary white fish that has a mild, buttery flavor and meaty texture that bring restaurant-quality taste into your customers’ homes. Barramundi is boneless, skinless, and comes in ready-to-cook, sealed individual packages. Barramundi has no mercury or contaminants and is free from antibiotics, hormones, additives, or colorants.

Try the first ocean-farmed fish to win “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch today. Order by July 31st at Garden Spot Foods and receive 10% off!

170010 Barramundi Fillets: 12/12 oz. – $75.60* (CS) – $9.99 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 10% discount valid thru 7/31/2018.

Granarolo Cheese Crisps

Posted in Featured Brand on July 9th at 3:17 pm

Granarolo Cheese Crisps: Oven-baked cheese crisps now available at Garden Spot Foods!

Introducing Granarolo oven-baked cheese crisps! New to Garden Spot Foods, Granarolo Cheese crisps are made in Italy with 100% aged Italian cheese. Granarolo Cheese Crisps are lactose free, gluten-free, preservative free, and perfect for any vegetarian diet.

Granarolo Cheese Crisps are ideal for a quick, healthy afternoon snack, or as a garnish for soups and salads. Your customers will love how easy they are to take anywhere, as they do not need to be refrigerated.

Garden Spot Foods is happy to offer Granarolo Cheese Crisps in 2 delicious flavors: Classic and Three Seed, which contains sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds.  Enjoy both flavors for 20% off now thru August!

245680 Classic Cheese Crisps: 12/2.1 oz. – $34.32* (CS) – $4.29 (SRP)
245685 Three Seed Cheese Crisps: 12/2.1 oz. – $34.32* (CS) – $4.29 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 20% discount valid thru 8/31/2018.