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Le Veneziane: Gluten Free Pasta

Posted in Featured Brand on January 12th at 3:27 pm

It’s no secret that Italian cuisine is known, and respected, the world round for its delicious pastas. Just the names alone – lasagna, penne, spaghetti – conjure up mouthwatering images of plates filled with steaming noodles, creamy cheeses, and rich sauces. So, when it comes to finding a gluten free pasta that perfectly captures that delicate balance of flavor and texture, who better to trust than the top-selling gluten free pasta in Italy? Le Veneziane builds upon five generations of experience to create delicious, corn-based pastas in the classic Italian tradition. With its characteristic golden hue, this is authentic Italian pasta with a taste and texture as good, or better, than the ‘real thing.’ Not gluey or tough like some other gluten free pastas, Le Veneziane is a low fateasy to digest option ideal for pasta lovers who still want to eat healthfully. Available in a wide variety of shapes, Le Veneziane is light and delicate, pairing well with a range of other flavors. Serve it simply with just some olive oil and herbs, toss it with a traditional meat sauce, or add it to soups, stews, or casseroles – this pasta is a versatile dining solution for any meal of the week. And to complete your meal, try Le Veneziane’s new mini grissini. The perfect accompaniment to any pasta dinner, these delicious, crunchy breadsticks also make a great snack!

Le Veneziane Gluten Free Corn Pasta

Interested in offering Le Veneziane to your customers? Contact Garden Spot Distributors today to order and, through January, save 10% on every case purchased!  The following quality products are currently available:

186670 Mini Grissini (Breadsticks):  8/8.8 oz – $28.73* (CS) – $5.99 (SRP)
186605 Ditalini (Soup) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
186635 Elbows Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
186600 Eliche (Rotelle) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP)
186645 Farfalle (Bow-Tie) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
186610 Fettucce (Tagliatelle) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP)
186615 Lasagna Corn Pasta:  12/8.81 oz – $43.09* (CS) – $5.99 (SRP)
186620 Penne Rigate Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP)
186625 Pipe (Shells) Corn Pasta:  12/8.81 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP)
186630 Rigatoni Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP)
186640 Spaghetti Corn Pasta:  24/8.8 oz – $54.65* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP)
* Prices adjusted to reflect 10% Case Discount, valid 1/1/15 – 1/31/15.

Pain is Good: Hot Sauces & Salsas

Posted in Featured Brand on November 17th at 10:30 am

Pain is Good is perfect for those who want more from their hot sauce than just raw, searing heat. Don’t be mistaken: ranging from mild to fiery hot, Pain is Good’s hot sauces and salsas certainly pack a punch. However, they do not do so at the expense of developing well-rounded, balanced flavors. Painstakingly made in small batches to ensure quality, these deliciously complex condiments use unique blends of peppers, spices, and other All Natural ingredients to create intricate flavor profiles that augment and enhance their signature heat. Each variety has an intense personality all its own and will provide a welcome kick to any meal. From burgers and chicken wings to scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, or even pizza, Pain is Good is seriously addictive!

Pain is Good is on special! From now through the end of November, receive 20% Off every case ordered when you pass the savings along to your customers. Take advantage of this limited time offer and save!

Pain is Good Hot Sauces & Salsas

Pain is Good is one of the many best-selling brands from Original Juan, a Kansas City-based specialty food manufacturer. Its primary focus is the production of innovative, gourmet barbeque sauces, hot sauces, salsas, and dips with unique flavor combinations and eye-catching packaging.

If you are interested in offering Pain is Good to your customers, contact Garden Spot Distributors today to order!  We currently carry the following hot sauce and salsa varieties:

195751 Cayenne Hot Sauce, Mild:  6/7 oz – $15.94* (CS) – $3.99* (SRP)
195761 Habanero Hot Sauce, Hot:  6/7 oz – $15.94* (CS) – $3.99* (SRP)
195771 Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Medium:  6/7 oz – $15.94* (CS) – $3.99* (SRP)
195700 Habanero Garlic Salsa, Hot:  6/15.5 oz – $19.25* (CS) – $4.79* (SRP)
195710 Jamaican Pineapple Salsa, Mild:  6/15.5 oz – $19.25* (CS) – $4.79* (SRP)
195720 Smoked Jalapeno Salsa, Medium:  6/15.5 oz – $19.25* (CS) – $4.79* (SRP)

* Prices adjusted to reflect 20% Case Discount, valid 11/17/14 – 11/30/14.

Appalachian Naturals: Salad Dressings & Cranberry Sauce

Posted in Featured Brand on October 13th at 12:56 pm

For 10 years, Appalachian Naturals has bridged the gap between local agriculture and the grocery aisle with its clean, fresh take on dressings and sauces. In fact, all of Appalachian Naturals products are locally sourced and produced in Massachusetts. By partnering with local farmers, Appalachian Naturals ensures that only the highest quality ingredients are used, allowing them to capture that delicious farm-fresh flavor in every bottle. This sustainable approach has only helped to strengthen the company’s motto that “Local Agriculture is Everyone’s Business.”

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and Non-GMO, Appalachian Naturals products are on special during October! Stock up now and save 10% on every case ordered through the end of the month.

Appalachian Naturals Dressings & Cranberry Sauce

Garden Spot Distributors is pleased to offer a wide assortment of dressings, vinaigrettes, and sauces from Appalachian Naturals:

198600 Cranberry Sauce:  12/10 oz. – $35.96* (CS) – $4.99 (SRP)
198610 Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette:  12/12 oz. – $39.53* (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
198620 Chipotle Ranch Salad Dressing:  12/12 oz. – $39.53* (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
198630 Creamy Blue Cheese Salad Dressing:  12/12 oz. – $39.53* (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
198640 Ginger Miso Salad Dressing:  12/12 oz. – $39.53* (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
198650 Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette:  12/12 oz. – $39.53* (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
198660 Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette:  12/12 oz. – $39.53* (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
198670 Assorted Salad Dressings/Vinaigrettes:  12/12 oz. – $39.53* (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 10% Case Discount, valid 10/1/14 – 10/31/14.

If you are interested in carrying any of these or our other great products, contact us today to place an order!


Sprouted Nut Butters from JEM Raw Organics

Posted in Featured Brand on October 6th at 10:30 am

Whether spread on bread or fruit, drizzled over ice cream, or eaten straight from the jar, these Sprouted Nut Butters from JEM Raw Organics are the very definition of a healthy indulgence.  As the essential element in each of JEM’s four blends, raw sprouted nuts are an exceptional source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional benefits.  When combined with a select variety of exotic spices and other rich ingredients, such as cacao, cardamom, and cinnamon, they become a delectable treat that anyone can feel good about eating.  JEM’s Sprouted Nut Butters are USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, and crafted with the highest attention to quality and sustainability.

JEM Raw Organics Sprouted Nut Butters

With a focus on innovation and quality, JEM Raw Organics creates gourmet specialty nut butters for the world market.  From its home base in Bend, Oregon, JEM searches foreign lands and remote places to find exotic flavors and pure ingredients to incorporate into its delicious, all natural treats.

If you are interested in carrying JEM Raw Organics in your store, contact Garden Spot Distributors today to place an order!  We are excited to offer the following Sprouted Nut Butter varieties:

197800 Hazelnut Raw Cacao Sprouted Hazelnut Butter: 6/6 oz. – $55.20 (CS) – $13.79 (SRP)

197810 Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter: 6/6 oz. – $55.20 (CS) – $13.79 (SRP)

197820 Coconut Cardamom Sprouted Almond Butter: 6/6 oz. – $55.20 (CS) – $13.79 (SRP)

197830 Superberry Maqui Camu Sprouted Almond Butter: 6/6 oz. – $55.20 (CS) – $13.79 (SRP)

Shiloh Farms: Heirloom Einkorn & Heirloom Canahua

Posted in Featured Brand on September 22nd at 3:15 pm

Shiloh Farms is excited to announce the arrival of its Einkorn and Canahua Heirloom Grains! As with the already available Emmer Farro and Freekeh varieties, these are true grains that have not been genetically modified, but rather grown as nature intended. Rich in beta carotene, protein, potassium, and iron, einkorn is one of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat. Canahua, a close relative of quinoa, is a great source of calcium, fiber, antioxidants and magnesium. In addition to being Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher, Heirloom Grains from Shiloh Farms are also a great source of whole grains, with each variety containing upwards of 50 grams per serving. Versatile, nutrient-rich, and hearty, Shiloh Farms Heirloom Grains are the perfect addition to a wholesome, healthy lifestyle!

Heirloom Einkorn Grain from Shiloh Farms

Since 1942, Shiloh Farms has looked to the fullness of nature’s bounty to bring consumers superior products made with only the purest ingredients.  Offering everything from wholesome pantry staples to delicious cheeses and ready-to-eat snacks, the company’s extensive inventory includes an every-growing variety of USDA Certified Organic items, as well as several recently added Gluten Free and Kosher options.  As a leading provider of authentic natural foods, Shiloh Farms seeks to enrich the world one meal at a time.

If you are interested in carrying Shiloh Farms Heirloom Grains, or any of the brand’s many other wholesome, healthy products, contact Garden Spot Distributors today!  The following Heirloom Grain varieties are now available:

603040 Canahua Grain:  6/16 oz. – $35.34 (CS) – $8.79 (SRP)
603000 Einkorn Grain:  6/16 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)
603010 Emmer Farro Grain:  6/16 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)
603020 Greenwheat Freekeh Grain:  6/16 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)


Multi-Color Popcorn is Coming Back!

We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the return of our very popular Heirloom Multi-Color Popcorn Grain. Well, the wait is almost over. New stock is expected to be available by November, so be sure to check in with your sales rep!