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Mikey’s Muffins: Paleo Friendly English Muffins

Posted in Featured Brand on May 27th at 11:38 am

Mikey's Muffins

A commitment to simplicity and clean eating is at the core of Mikey’s Muffins.  This driving force has led the company to develop a Gluten Free, paleo friendly option for those whose food allergies or health restrictions have prevented them from enjoying bread products in the past.  By eschewing grains in favor of the rich flavor and versatility provided by almonds, Mikey’s Muffins has created a low calorie, toastable english muffin with a great taste and authentic texture.  Available in Original, Cinnamon Raisin, and Toasted Onion varieties, all Mikey’s Muffins are certified Gluten Free and Kosher and contain no dairy, soy, or grain.  In fact, Original variety muffins are made with only six all natural, clean ingredients.  As versatile as they are delicious, Mikey’s Muffins can be enjoyed straight from the toaster, but are also fantastic slathered with protein-rich nut butters or used to create paleo friendly, low-carb sandwiches.

If you are interested in offering Mikey’s Muffins to your customers, contact Garden Spot Distributors today to order! We currently carry the complete line of Mikey’s Muffins:

114840 Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins:  8/8.88 oz. – $42.00 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)

114850 Original English Muffins:  8/8.88 oz. – $42.00 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)

114860 Toasted Onion English Muffins:  8/8.88 oz. – $42.00 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)

Conte’s Pasta: Gluten Free Italian Cuisine

Posted in Featured Brand on May 19th at 4:14 pm

Conte's Pasta

May is Celiac Awareness Month, a time when attention is called to those who suffer from celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  Living with such disorders creates unique dietary needs that can be difficult to accommodate and can leave sufferers deprived of the very foods they love most.  Recognizing the changing dietary needs of the modern family and driven by the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy good food, Conte’s Pasta has committed itself to creating tasty and convenient gluten free dining alternatives.  Based in New Jersey, but tracing its roots all the way back to Italy, Conte’s has over thirty years of experience in providing consumers with the finest in authentic Italian cuisine.  Now, Conte’s also offers a wide selection of wheat free and gluten free pastas, pizzas, and microwaveable meals that are so delicious, people will mistake them for the ‘real’ thing!

Garden Spot Distributors is pleased to offer several of delicious gluten free products from Conte’s Pasta:

175011 Cheese Ravioli:  6/12 oz. – $30.42 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

175031 Spinach & Cheese Ravioli:  6/12 oz. – $30.42 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

175041 Cheese Stuffed Shells:  6/12 oz. – $30.42 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

175051 Potato/Cheese/Onion Pierogies:  6/12 oz. – $30.42 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

175061 Potato/Onion Pierogies:  6/12 oz. – $30.42 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

175071 Gnocchi:  6/12 oz. – $30.42 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

175080 Margherita Pizza:  6/16 oz. – $33.48 (CS) – $7.99 (SRP)

175085 Mushroom Florentine Pizza:  6/16 oz. – $35.64 (CS) – $8.49 (SRP)

175067 Vegetable Lasagna:  3/5 lb. – $77.58 (CS) – $36.99 (SRP)

175023 Cheese Lasagna Meal:  6/12 oz. – $26.52 (CS) – $6.29 (SRP)

175017 Cheese Ravioli w/ Tomato Sauce Meal:  6/12 oz. – $26.52 (CS) – $6.29 (SRP)

175028 Stuffed Shells w/ Tomato Sauce Meal:  6/12 oz. – $26.52 (CS) – $6.29 (SRP)

If you are interested in carrying Conte’s in your store, contact us today to speak with a sales representative!

Raw Organic Chocolate from Sacred Chocolate

Posted in Featured Brand on May 5th at 12:35 pm

Among the most nutrient-rich natural foods available, raw cacao beans are the basis of all chocolate.  However, the standard roasting process employed in making most chocolate products destroys a significant amount of their healthful properties and compromises their natural flavors.  Sacred Chocolate  takes care to slowly stone grind its beans at low temperatures (below 115°F) to preserve these qualities, producing deliciously complex chocolates with superior nutritional benefits.  Sacred Chocolates are Raw, Vegan, Certified Organic, and Dairy/Gluten/Soy/Cane Sugar Free.  Available in both traditional rectangular and distinctive heart-shaped bar form in a variety of exotic flavors, Sacred Chocolate offers guiltless pleasures for every palate.

Sacred Chocolate Raw, Organic Chocolate

Founded in 2006, Sacred Chocolate’s dedication to creating the most flavorful and nutritionally superior chocolate products bean-to-bar has been honored with multiple “Best of Raw” Awards.  Through its artisanal-quality products, Sacred Chocolate strives to educate the world about the wonders of raw chocolate.

For a limited time, Sacred Chocolate is offering a 20% case discount, so contact Garden Spot Distributors today to place an order!  The following raw, organic chocolate bar varieties are available:

241250 Coconut & Nibs Rectangular Bar, 60% Cacao:  11/1.33 oz. – $41.00 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241260 Midnight Dark Rectangular Bar, 83% Cacao:  11/1.33 oz. – $41.00 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241270 Mint Rectangular Bar, 62% Cacao:  11/1.33 oz. – $41.00 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241280 Mylk (Dairy-Free) Rectangular Bar, 58% Cacao:  11/1.33 oz. – $41.00 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241290 Twilight Dark Rectangular Bar, 69% Cacao:  11/1.33 oz. – $41.00 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241295 White w/ Lemon & Coconut Rectangular Bar:  11/1.33 oz. – $41.00 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241220 Amazonian Heart Bar, 52% Cacao:  12/1.44 oz. – $44.73 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241230 Goji Nibby Heart Bar, 65% Cacao:  12/1.44 oz. – $44.73 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

241240 Immuno Mushroom Heart Bar, 68% Cacao:  12/1.44 oz. – $44.73 (CS)* – $6.99 (SRP)

*Prices reflect 20% Case Discount valid 5/1/14 – 6/30/14

PureLiving – Organic Sprouted Flours

Posted in Featured Brand on April 15th at 12:21 pm

Because they are more easily digested and their nutrients more readily absorbed, sprouted grains are widely considered to be much healthier than their unsprouted counterparts.  However, the process of sprouting and milling grains for use in baking and cooking can be a time consuming hassle.  Not anymore.  PureLiving now offers a new line of organic sprouted flours that provides all of the superior nutritional benefits of sprouted whole grains without the muss or fuss.  By simply substituting in one of PureLiving’s prepared specialty flours, consumers can quickly give their favorite recipes a nourishing and flavorful makeover.  Whether used in healthier, sprouted versions of breads, dough, and cookies, as a coating on meats, or to thicken soups and stews, with 11 different varieties, each with its own unique taste and texture, the possibilities are endless. 

PureLiving Organic Sprouted Flours

New from the family of Shiloh Farms and sharing its commitment to all-natural ingredients and authentic processes, PureLiving offers innovative and unique products for a new generation of health-conscious consumers who value convenience as well as nutrition.  With an ever-expanding inventory of nourishing prepared and quicker-fix options, PureLiving takes the hard work out of wholesome, healthy living.

Garden Spot Distributors is pleased to offer PureLiving’s complete line of organic sprouted flours:

402010 Sprouted Amaranth Flour:  6/24 oz. – $39.96 (CS) – $9.99 (SRP)

402020 Sprouted Brown Rice Flour:  6/24 oz. – $31.20 (CS) – $7.79 (SRP)

402030 Sprouted Millet Flour:  6/24 oz. – $31.98 (CS) – $7.99 (SRP)

402040 Sprouted Quinoa Flour:  6/24 oz. – $51.96 (CS) – $12.99 (SRP)

402050 Sprouted Yellow Corn Flour:  6/24 oz. – $25.98 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)

402060 Sprouted Buckwheat Flour:  6/24 oz. – $37.98 (CS) – $9.49 (SRP)

402070 Sprouted Blue Corn Flour:  6/24 oz. – $29.16 (CS) – $7.29 (SRP)

402080 Sprouted Garbanzo Flour:  6/24 oz. – $37.98 (CS) – $9.49 (SRP)

402090 Sprouted Sorghum Flour:  6/24 oz. – $31.98 (CS) – $7.99 (SRP)

402100 Sprouted Green Lentil Flour:  6/24 oz. – $33.18 (CS) – $8.29 (SRP)

402110 Sprouted Black Bean Flour:  6/24 oz. – $36.00 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

If you are interested in carrying PureLiving, contact us today to order!

Gluten Free Whoopie Pies from The Piping Gourmets

Posted in Featured Brand on March 31st at 10:30 am

Gluten Free Whoopie Pies from The Piping Gourmets are a new and delicious twist on an American classic.  Named after the sound (“Whoopie!”) people make when they take a bite of one of these dreamy cake sandwiches, Whoopie Pies are an iconic and beloved dessert throughout the Northeast.  Now, thanks to The Piping Gourmets, these tasty treats can be enjoyed by everyone!  Certified Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, and Non-GMO, these scrumptious snacks provide maximum indulgence with none of the guilt.

With a growing line of all natural and certified Gluten Free desserts inspired by American classics, The Piping Gourmets strives to provide flavorful and innovative dining solutions for today’s health-conscious consumers.  Desserts from The Piping Gourmets are so delicious, no one will ever know they are gluten free!

If you are interested in carrying The Piping Gourmets in your store, please contact Garden Spot Distributors today!  We are excited to carry the following Gluten Free Whoopie Pie varieties:

117800 Chocolate Vanilla Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

117810 Chocolate Raspberry Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

117820 Vanilla Lemon Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)

117830  Chocolate Mint Whoopie Pies (4/pack):  8/11 oz. – $50.40 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)