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Shiloh Farms & PureLiving: LivPure Gluten Free

Posted in Featured Brand Industry News on March 23rd at 1:30 pm

Shiloh Farms and PureLiving are excited to announce the development of their new, exclusive LivPure Gluten Free Certification Program! Created in compliance with federal regulations established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, all items bearing the LivPure symbol (currently limited to PureLiving’s Organic Sprouted Flours) have been certified gluten free below 20ppm. The LivPure Gluten Free Certification Program supports the brands’ ongoing mission to source, manufacture, and provide safe, high quality products to all customers, regardless of dietary needs or restrictions. Live wholesome, live healthy, LivPure!

Shiloh Farms is confident that you will agree that products certified through the LivPure Gluten Free program meet the high standards you have come to expect from this historic heritage brand. However, you are invited to learn more about the LivPure Gluten Free Certification Program and the brand’s broader Gluten Free Policy at its website.

PureLiving Organic Sprouted Flours

The entire line of PureLiving Organic Sprouted Flours is available through Garden Spot Distributors. With eleven available varieties, including ancient grain, whole grain, and legume options, there is truly something for everyone. In addition to being Certified Organic and Gluten Free, all varieties are also Non-GMORaw, and Kosher:

402010 Sprouted Amaranth Flour: 6/24 oz – $43.79 (CS) – $10.99 (SRP)
402110 Sprouted Black Bean Flour: 6/24 oz – $39.23 (CS) – $9.79 (SRP)
402070 Sprouted Blue Corn Flour: 6/24 oz – $32.87 (CS) – $8.29 (SRP)
402020 Sprouted Brown Rice Flour: 6/24 oz – $34.70 (CS) – $8.69 (SRP)
402060 Sprouted Buckwheat Flour: 6/24 oz – $42.71 (CS) – $10.59 (SRP)
402080 Sprouted Garbanzo Flour: 6/24 oz – $42.07 (CS) – $10.49 (SRP)
402100 Sprouted Green Lentil Flour: 6/24 oz – $37.27 (CS) – $9.29 (SRP)
402030 Sprouted Millet Flour: 6/24 oz – $35.20 (CS) – $8.79 (SRP)
402040 Sprouted Quinoa Flour: 6/24 oz – $65.75 (CS) – $16.39 (SRP)
402090 Sprouted Sorghum Flour: 6/24 oz – $35.78 (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)
402050 Sprouted Yellow Corn Flour: 6/24 oz – $29.73 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)

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