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Have you tried the “one and only coconut milk caramel”? Made from smooth coconut cream, Cocomels are a mouth watering, natural artisanal treat. Due to the benefits of coconut oil, cocomels are the healthier treat option for Halloween or any of the upcoming holidays. Cocomels are vegan, gluten free, and corn syrup free, made with 100% natural ingredients, including organic sweeteners that deliver a unique and mouth-watering experience.

These decadent treats come in four flavors: Original, Sea Salt, Vanilla, and Java. The best seller, Sea Salt, is made with a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel sea salt. While Vanilla has a much sweeter flavor, and then there is java, made from locally roasted, organic espresso beans. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors, they are all a delight!

Cocomels-Receive a free sample box with purchase for a limited time

  • 240300 Java Cocomels                   SRP $8.69
  • 240310 Original Cocomels             SRP $8.69
  • 240320 Sea Salt Cocomels             SRP $8.69
  • 240330 Vanilla Cocomels              SRP $8.69

Ingredients: coconut cream (coconut cream, xanthan gum), organic brown rice syrup, organic evaporated cane juice, sea salt*.

*Note: Ingredients differ depending on flavor.




Crio Brü

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crio bru logo

Crio Brü is a new way to think about hot chocolate, it is a more sophisticated hot chocolate. Named after the most prized of cocoa beans, the Criollo, Crio Brü is 100% roasted and ground cocoa beans that brew just like coffee. You can make Crio Brü in a traditional coffee maker and just follow the same directions you would to make coffee or break out your French Press to make a hot or cold Crio Brü. This Cocoa has a lot of flavor and a little bite if you drink it without adding cream or sugar. This is not your average sugary sweet hot chocolate. Each cup of Crio Brü is rich in antioxidants and minerals, is low calorie and low carb and has no fat, sugar, sodium or gluten.

Crio Brü is available in three flavors: Cavalla, Vega Real and Coca River. Cavalla has flavor notes of coconut and cinnamon, Vega Real has flavor notes of strawberries and citrus and Coca River has flavor notes of green banana and blackberries. For an additional treat Crio also offers Crio Beans, Chocolate covered Cocoa Beans.

Crio Brü is available as a minimum of 3 each.

  • 125200 Cocoa River       SRP $12.99
  • 125210 Cavalla                  SRP $12.99
  • 125220 Vega Real            SRP $12.99

Receive a FREE Travel French Press when you buy a case of any of the 3 brewed cocoas: Cocoa River, Cavalla or Vega.

Bodum French Travel Press available as a minimum of 3 each
125250 French Travel Press $10.66 1/16oz SRP $15.99

Crio Beans available as a minimum of 3 each
125260 Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans $8.01 1/8oz SRP $11.99


Orca Bay

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Orca Bay is an energetic and creative food products and services company providing exceptional seafood choices for more than 25 years. Our success is owed to a winning blend of quality, value and innovation – it’s a formula that distinguishes every level of our business. From our people, to our products, to the clients that we serve, our goal will always be to exceed expectations and to keep the Orca Bay whale synonymous with true quality and customer satisfaction. Read more…


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BAO, LLC (BAO Food and Drink) is the next generation food and beverage company focused on creating delicious and healthy products using organic ingredients and local resources. Read more…

Shiloh Farms

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SHILOH FARMS wholesome healthy foods have been a mainstay of independent health food stores throughout the Northeast for generations. Its early roots can be traced to back to 1942 with a farm and local bakery in Western New York State where its reputation for quality of product and purity of ingredients grew. Read more…