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Cool Off This Summer with Dr. B’s Tea

Posted in Featured Brand on July 10th at 5:22 pm

Dr. B’s is a family-owned company located in West Virginia that is focused on providing the highest quality brewed and bottled tea options to their customers. They are committed to wholesome, sustainable living and work hard to educate customers on their healthy living philosophy.

Dr. B’s incorporates Xylitol, a tooth-friendly natural sweetener, and other sugar-free sweeteners into their recipes and routines. Dr. B’s Tea is 100 percent all-natural. Their products are low-calorie, naturally caffeine-free and rich in vitamins. To create their delicious teas, rooibos tealeaves, monk fruit, and Xylitol are blended together and infused with natural flavors to create unique and good-for-you beverages.


If you’re interested in carrying Dr. B’s Tea in your store, Garden Spot Distributors offers the following products. Contact us today to place your order!

123880 Coconut Microbrewed Tea (w/ Coconut Water) 12/16 oz. CS $18.36 $1.53 $2.29

123810 Lemongrass Microbrewed Tea 12/16 oz. CS $18.36 $1.53 $2.29

123820 Original (Unflavored) Microbrewed Tea 12/16 oz. CS $18.36 $1.53 $2.29

123830 Pomegranate Acai Microbrewed Tea 12/16 oz. CS $18.36 $1.53 $2.29

Dr. Ken Banks, DDS, and his son Dr. Christopher Banks, DDS, created Dr. B’s Tea to foster their passions of dentistry and healthy living through these delicious, tooth-friendly teas that are readily available for your customers through us!