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Featured Brand: Cutting Edge Cultures

Posted in Featured Brand on January 4th at 2:30 pm

After ringing in the New Year, your customers will be on the hunt for products centered around health and wellness. We’re proud to introduce you to a company that is working hard to make a nutritious lifestyle increasingly accessible. Cutting Edge Cultures offers in-home Fermentation Kits for Kefir and Fermented Vegetables complete with easy-to-follow instructions and perfect for kick-starting a new routine!

Touting the tag-line “Kefir made easy”, Cutting Edge Kefir Starter is an quick-dissolve powder made from pulverized, freeze-dried Kefir Grains. Each box contains four packets, and each packet makes one quart of Kefir. After making the first batch, 1/4 cup of fished Kefir can be used as the starter for subsequent batches. Unlike many other starters on the market, Cutting Edge Kefir Starter contains all-natural bacterial strains that produce a beverage even better for the digestive system than yogurt!

Cutting Edge Fermented Veggie Cultures can be used to ferment a wide range of vegetables. The starter optimizes the natural fermentation processes and helps to ensure delicious, consistent results with each use. Every box contains 6 sachets, and each sachet can ferment up to 5 pounds of vegetables. A mixture of active bacteria strains and tapioca sugar, the Vegetable Starter is VeganDairy-Free, and Non-GMO.

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124345 Easy Kefir Starter:  1*/0.7 oz. – $10.19** (CS) – $17.99 (SRP)

124340 Starter Culture:  1*/0.7 oz. – $12.46** (CS) – $21.99 (SRP)

*Minimum of 3 EA // **Price reflects a 15% case discount, valid January 1 – 31st, 2016.