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Featured Brand: Earth Circle Organics

Posted in Featured Brand on December 14th at 2:18 pm

December is half-past, and it is time to start planning for the New Year! When the hectic Holiday rush subsides, customers will be searching for healthy ways to kick-start their 2016 resolutions. Earth Circle Organics has been a leader in the Organic community since 2006 and has excellent solutions for health-conscious living. From Hemp Protein Power to Cold-Processed Balinese Cacao Nibs, we’re confident that your customers will love Earth Circle’s Superfoods as much as we do!

Garden Spot is proud to be extending our line of Earth Circle products to include Raw Maca Powder. Maca is sourced from high-altitude regions of Peru and is used as a healthy energy booster. In addition to being OrganicVegan, and GMO-Free, Earth Circle Maca Powder is being offered at an attractive Every Day Low Price. This versatile Superfood can be added to smoothies, hot chocolate, energy bars and more, and is available in 8oz and 16oz resealable packages.

Interested in Superfoods from Earth Circle Organics? Contact our Sales Team to place an order today!

198400 Balinese Cacao Nibs*:  6/16 oz. – $73.98 (CS) – $18.49 (SRP)
198410 Balinese Cacao Powder*:  6/16 oz. – $79.98 (CS) – $19.99 (SRP)
198420 Hemp Protein Powder, Raw:  6/12 oz. – $63.96 (CS) – $15.99 (SRP)
198430 Maca Powder, Raw:  6/8 oz. – $51.96 (CS) – $12.99 (SRP) – EDLP
198440 Maca Powder, Raw:  6/16 oz. – $96.00 (CS) – $23.99 (SRP) – EDLP

198450 Chlorella Powder, Raw:  6/4 oz. – $57.96 (CS) – $14.49 (SRP)
198460 Spirulina Powder, Raw:  6/4 oz. – $39.96 (CS) – $9.99 (SRP)