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Featured Brand: Felicia Organic

Posted in Featured Brand on February 2nd at 8:45 am

Looking for a truly authentic Gluten Free Pasta to freshen up your shelves? Check out the updated line from Felicia Organic! With so much competition on the market, it’s difficult to identify quality Gluten Free Pasta. We suggest starting with tradition, and are confident that you’ll love Felicia Organic’s Italian-made pastas as much as we do!

Felicia Organic is produced by Molino Andriani, a storied Italian pasta company that is fully dedicated to producing Gluten Free products. Their mission of marrying hundreds of years of Italian pasta-making with modern production methods results in a remarkably tasty product line. Located in beautiful Puglia, Italy, Felicia Organic sources raw ingredients from local partners but uses their own dedicated Gluten Free trucks to transport the ingredients to their factory, maintaining their commitment to preventing cross-contamination.  All varieties of Felicia Organic pasta are Certified Organic andNon-GMO. 

Felicia Organic has a new look! The company changed their name from Felicia Bio to Felicia Organic in order to be more accessible to their American customers. Though the name and packaging looks fresh and modern, the pasta is as true-to-tradition as ever!

Interested in one of the fabulous Gluten Free pastas from Felicia Organic?  Contact our Sales Team to place an order today.

186831 Brown Rice Spaghetti: 12/12 oz. – $30.36 (CS) – $3.79 (SRP)
186835 Brown Rice Tortiglioni: 12/12 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $3.49 (SRP)
186851 Buckwheat Penne: 12/12 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $3.49 (SRP)
186855 Buckwheat Rotini: 12/12 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $3.49 (SRP)
186861 Buckwheat Tortiglioni: 12/12 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $3.49 (SRP)
186891 Multigrain Tortiglioni: 12/12 oz. – $25.56 (CS) – $3.19 (SRP)
186895 Corn Rice Penne: 12/12 oz. – $25.56 (CS) – $3.19 (SRP)