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Posted in Featured Brand Product Review on July 1st at 3:11 pm

At GONE NATIVE Foods, we believe that eating locally leads to great things. We believe local foods taste better, unite our community and protect our environment. That’s why each of our organic pasta sauces, whole & crushed tomatoes and salad dressings start with fresh, organic produce grown by the hard working farmers of Lancaster County, PA.

At GONE NATIVE, our focus is simple. We want to bring fresh, organic produce out of the local farmer’s market and onto store shelves. This creates higher quality products with big, fresh flavor, more nutrients and none of the other stuff (concentrates, flavors, colors, preservatives, etc.). And it keeps our dollars in our own community. Who needs all of those globe-trotting, canned tomatoes when we’re surrounded by delicious tomatoes grown right here?

GONE NATIVE. Locally grown. Simple & good.

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