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Le Veneziane: Gluten Free Pasta

Posted in Uncategorized on January 12th at 3:27 pm

It’s no secret that Italian cuisine is known, and respected, the world round for its delicious pastas. Just the names alone – lasagna, penne, spaghetti – conjure up mouthwatering images of plates filled with steaming noodles, creamy cheeses, and rich sauces. So, when it comes to finding a gluten free pasta that perfectly captures that delicate balance of flavor and texture, who better to trust than the top-selling gluten free pasta in Italy? Le Veneziane builds upon five generations of experience to create delicious, corn-based pastas in the classic Italian tradition. With its characteristic golden hue, this is authentic Italian pasta with a taste and texture as good, or better, than the ‘real thing.’ Not gluey or tough like some other gluten free pastas, Le Veneziane is a low fateasy to digest option ideal for pasta lovers who still want to eat healthfully. Available in a wide variety of shapes, Le Veneziane is light and delicate, pairing well with a range of other flavors. Serve it simply with just some olive oil and herbs, toss it with a traditional meat sauce, or add it to soups, stews, or casseroles – this pasta is a versatile dining solution for any meal of the week. And to complete your meal, try Le Veneziane’s new mini grissini. The perfect accompaniment to any pasta dinner, these delicious, crunchy breadsticks also make a great snack!

Le Veneziane Gluten Free Corn Pasta

Interested in offering Le Veneziane to your customers? Contact Garden Spot Distributors today to order and, through January, save 10% on every case purchased!  The following quality products are currently available:

186670 Mini Grissini (Breadsticks):  8/8.8 oz – $28.73* (CS) – $5.99 (SRP) 186605 Ditalini (Soup) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.79 (SRP) 186635 Elbows Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.79 (SRP) 186600 Eliche (Rotelle) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP) 186645 Farfalle (Bow-Tie) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.79 (SRP) 186610 Fettucce (Tagliatelle) Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP) 186615 Lasagna Corn Pasta:  12/8.81 oz – $43.09* (CS) – $5.99 (SRP) 186620 Penne Rigate Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP) 186625 Pipe (Shells) Corn Pasta:  12/8.81 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP) 186630 Rigatoni Corn Pasta:  12/8.8 oz – $27.32* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP) 186640 Spaghetti Corn Pasta:  24/8.8 oz – $54.65* (CS) – $3.99 (SRP) * Prices adjusted to reflect 10% Case Discount, valid 1/1/15 – 1/31/15.