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Featured Brand: MyBread

Posted in Featured Brand on January 14th at 8:49 am


We all know how difficult it can be to source gluten free bread products that are both nutritious and tasty. One Chicago-based bakery answers this challenge by offering a gluten free flatbread that is just as versatile as it is deliciousMyBread Bakery’s goal is to provide the highest quality and best tasting baked goods for the gluten free lifestyle. One bite of MyBread and you’ll be convinced!

MyBread is available in two varieties: Original and Ancient Grain with Chia and Flax. Both options are created with flours carefully sourced from dedicated gluten free mills.  MyBread believes in ‘gluten-free integrity’ and is a 100% gluten- and nut-free environment; they have a zero-tolerance policy, which prohibits any and all gluten from entering their facility. In addition to being gluten- and nut-free, MyBread flatbreads are also dairy- and soy-free to meet the needs of almost any gluten free consumer.

Best of all, MyBread encourages their customers to be creative! These flatbreads have many applications and can be toasted to eat with dips and hummus, used as a gourmet wrap, topped with your favorite pizza ingredients, and will even served as a sturdy sandwich bread!

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111600 Ancient Grain Flatbread:  6/21.2 oz. – $32.08* (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)
111605 Original Flatbread:  6/21.2 oz. – $32.08* (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)
    *Price reflects a 15% case discount, valid January 1 – February 29th, 2016