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Posted in Featured Brand Product Review on July 1st at 3:15 pm

Orca Bay is an energetic and creative food products and services company providing exceptional seafood choices for more than 25 years. Our success is owed to a winning blend of quality, value and innovation – it’s a formula that distinguishes every level of our business. From our people, to our products, to the clients that we serve, our goal will always be to exceed expectations and to keep the Orca Bay whale synonymous with true quality and customer satisfaction.

Our company is only what our employees make it and empowerment to choose the right decisions continually pushes us toward excellence. Our Seattle production facility employs more than 200 members of our community, providing for both them and their families. Our “promote from within” philosophy has afforded growth opportunities within the company that fosters a fiercely loyal, experienced and dedicated crew. Orca Bay is committed to being not only a premier provider of nutritious, high quality seafood to our customers but of providing a positive, healthy environment for our employees to live and work.

From great people come great products. Orca Bay has invested more than two decades searching out and nurturing business relationships with some of the most quality-minded seafood harvesters in the world. From those fishermen and harvesters to our headquarters in Seattle, we source and process the very best seafood products, offering both variety and value to the health conscious consumer. By combining convenient and informative packaging with wholesome and delicious seafood, Orca Bay consistently delivers excellence to that most important of daily social events – mealtime. We are proud that our products have garnered awards from the prestigious Alaska “Symphony of Seafood” a competition celebrating wild, all natural selections.

We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our suppliers, our community and our environment. Together we collaborate to ensure that our demand and standards for the finest seafoods does not come at the expense of the individuals or oceans that provide them. Open and honest cooperation creates the best opportunity for the success of all parties. Orca Bay is pleased to be a working example of how ethics, fairness and friendship can be core values of a healthy and thriving business endeavor.

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