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Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Cheeses

Posted in Featured Brand on November 3rd at 1:46 pm

With the Holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on items for seasonal entertaining. With whole milk ricotta and three delicious varieties of goat chevre available, Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Cheeses are a delicious option that would be welcome at any holiday gathering. Whether served alongside fruit and crackers or slathered on freshly toasted crostini, these rich and creamy cheeses make an indulgent treat to be enjoyed at the fanciest soiree, or just as an afternoon snack!

Beyond being versatile and simply delicious, Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Cheeses also have many advantageous nutritional benefits. A fantastic source of calcium, potassium, and Vitamin A, goat cheese is lower in calories and more easily digested than cheese made from cow’s milk. With Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Cheeses you, and your customers, can enjoy guilt-free indulgence this holiday season!

Organic Goat Cheeses from Shiloh Farms

Since 1942, Shiloh Farms has looked to the fullness of nature’s bounty to bring consumers superior products made with only the purest ingredients.  Offering everything from wholesome pantry staples to delicious cheeses and ready-to-eat snacks, the company’s extensive inventory includes an every-growing variety of USDA Certified Organic items, as well as several recently added Gluten Free and Kosher options.  As a leading provider of authentic natural foods, Shiloh Farms seeks to enrich the world one meal at a time.

If you are interested in carrying Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Cheeses, or any of the brand’s many other wholesome, healthy products, contact Garden Spot Distributors today!  The following varieties are currently available:

143100 Whole Milk Ricotta Goat Cheese:  6/4 oz. – $22.50 (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
143105 Whole Milk Ricotta Goat Cheese:  6/8 oz. – $41.28 (CS) – $9.99 (SRP)
143110 Original Creamy Goat Chevre:  6/4 oz. – $22.50 (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
143120 Roasted Garlic & Chive Creamy Goat Chevre:  6/4 oz. – $22.50 (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)
143130 Zesty Red Pepper Creamy Goat Chevre:  6/4 oz. – $22.50 (CS) – $5.49 (SRP)