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Danielle Coconut Fruit Chips

Posted in Featured Brand on April 25th at 8:54 pm

The Danielle brand celebrates a woman who started a farm with the mission of producing only high quality fruits and vegetables. Her dedication to growing quality produce is the reason co-founders Edward and Harry launched the Danielle brand out of Boston, Massachusetts with the goal of bringing her premium produce to the market on an international scale.

The brand’s crispy fruit and veggie chips have transformed the healthy snacking space for customers. From Crunchy Pumpkin Crispy Veggie Chips to Tangy Pineapple Crispy Fruit Chips, Danielle products help customers skip the vending machine for a more wholesome option when a snack food craving hits.

Danielle’s Roasted Coconut Fruit Chips are extremely popular thanks for their rich taste and texture. They’re useful for snacking, or even as an ingredient in a dessert or a topping on ice cream!

If you’re interested in offering Roasted Coconut Fruit Crisps or any of the brand’s other snacking options, the following Danielle products are available through Garden Spot Distributors:

246600 DANIELLE Crunchy Pumpkin Crispy Veggie Chips

246610 DANIELLE Honey Banana Crispy Fruit Chips

246615 DANIELLE Roasted Coconut Crispy Fruit Chips

246620 DANIELLE Spicy Carrot Crispy Veggie Chips

246625 DANIELLE Sweet Mango Crispy Fruit Chips

246630 DANIELLE Tangy Pineapple Crispy Fruit Chips

246640 DANIELLE Roasted Coconut Fruit Chips

246645 DANIELLE Crunchy Pumpkin Fruit Chips