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Shiloh Farms: Heirloom Einkorn & Heirloom Canahua

Posted in Featured Brand on September 22nd at 3:15 pm

Shiloh Farms is excited to announce the arrival of its Einkorn and Canahua Heirloom Grains! As with the already available Emmer Farro and Freekeh varieties, these are true grains that have not been genetically modified, but rather grown as nature intended. Rich in beta carotene, protein, potassium, and iron, einkorn is one of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat. Canahua, a close relative of quinoa, is a great source of calcium, fiber, antioxidants and magnesium. In addition to being Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher, Heirloom Grains from Shiloh Farms are also a great source of whole grains, with each variety containing upwards of 50 grams per serving. Versatile, nutrient-rich, and hearty, Shiloh Farms Heirloom Grains are the perfect addition to a wholesome, healthy lifestyle!

Heirloom Einkorn Grain from Shiloh Farms

Since 1942, Shiloh Farms has looked to the fullness of nature’s bounty to bring consumers superior products made with only the purest ingredients.  Offering everything from wholesome pantry staples to delicious cheeses and ready-to-eat snacks, the company’s extensive inventory includes an every-growing variety of USDA Certified Organic items, as well as several recently added Gluten Free and Kosher options.  As a leading provider of authentic natural foods, Shiloh Farms seeks to enrich the world one meal at a time.

If you are interested in carrying Shiloh Farms Heirloom Grains, or any of the brand’s many other wholesome, healthy products, contact Garden Spot Distributors today!  The following Heirloom Grain varieties are now available:

603040 Canahua Grain:  6/16 oz. – $35.34 (CS) – $8.79 (SRP)
603000 Einkorn Grain:  6/16 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)
603010 Emmer Farro Grain:  6/16 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)
603020 Greenwheat Freekeh Grain:  6/16 oz. – $27.96 (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)


Multi-Color Popcorn is Coming Back!

We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the return of our very popular Heirloom Multi-Color Popcorn Grain. Well, the wait is almost over. New stock is expected to be available by November, so be sure to check in with your sales rep!