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Mikey’s Muffins: Paleo Friendly English Muffins

Posted in Featured Brand on May 27th at 11:38 am

Mikey's Muffins

A commitment to simplicity and clean eating is at the core of Mikey’s Muffins.  This driving force has led the company to develop a Gluten Free, paleo friendly option for those whose food allergies or health restrictions have prevented them from enjoying bread products in the past.  By eschewing grains in favor of the rich flavor and versatility provided by almonds, Mikey’s Muffins has created a low calorie, toastable english muffin with a great taste and authentic texture.  Available in Original, Cinnamon Raisin, and Toasted Onion varieties, all Mikey’s Muffins are certified Gluten Free and Kosher and contain no dairy, soy, or grain.  In fact, Original variety muffins are made with only six all natural, clean ingredients.  As versatile as they are delicious, Mikey’s Muffins can be enjoyed straight from the toaster, but are also fantastic slathered with protein-rich nut butters or used to create paleo friendly, low-carb sandwiches.

If you are interested in offering Mikey’s Muffins to your customers, contact Garden Spot Distributors today to order! We currently carry the complete line of Mikey’s Muffins:

114840 Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins:  8/8.88 oz. – $42.00 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)

114850 Original English Muffins:  8/8.88 oz. – $42.00 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)

114860 Toasted Onion English Muffins:  8/8.88 oz. – $42.00 (CS) – $7.49 (SRP)