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St. Gabriel Organics Natural Lawn & Garden Products

Posted in Featured Brand on March 24th at 1:10 pm

For over 40 years, St. Gabriel Organics has been a leading producer of all-natural and organic products for the lawn, garden, and home.  Founded upon the simple goal of creating environmentally friendly alternatives to chemicals and pesticides, St. Gabriel Organics now offers a wide variety of innovative lawn and garden care solutions that will not harm people, children, or pets.  With a complete line of 100% natural and organic outdoor and household products, including herbicides, insect repellants, and pest control items, St. Gabriel Organics is sure to have a natural, earth-friendly solution to each of your lawn and garden problems.

Garden Spot Distributors is pleased to offer a number of St. Gabriel Organics items, including:

201700 BugShooter Wasp & Hornet Killer:  6/24 oz – $51.96 (CS) – $12.99 (SRP)

201710 BurnOut Fast Acting Weed & Grass Killer:  6/24 oz – $37.98 (CS) – $9.49 (SRP)

201720 Flea & Tick Insect Dust Diatomaceous Earth:  6/10 oz – $49.80 (CS) – $12.49 (SRP)

201730 Insect Dust Diatomaceous Earth:  6/4.4 lb – $47.94 (CS) – $11.99 (SRP)

201740 Mosquito & Tick Repellent:  6/24 oz – $55.98 (CS) – $13.99 (SRP)

If you are interested in carrying St. Gabriel Organics, please contact us today!