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Pure Market Express

Posted in Featured Brand on November 26th at 8:00 am

Pure Market Express

For Quentin (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer) and Rebecca Irey (co-founder and Executive Chef), raw foods was a concept that evolved into a lifestyle and then a business.   Raw foods naturally help you flush toxins out of your body. Raw foods are  more oxygenated, because fruits and vegetables are high in water content, and that H2O remains best intact in their raw form.  Pure Market Express‘s products are certified Gluten Free and created dairy free.  There’s no meat, dairy, refined sugar or preservatives, making Pure Market Express perfect  for vegetarians, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerance and those following other special dietary needs.

The following products are available through Garden Spot Distributors:

  • 173300  Boston Cream Pie (2 slices/pack)  SRP $8.99
  • 173310  Chocolate Truffle Pie (2 slices/pack)  SRP $8.99
  • 173320  Keylime Pie (2 slices/pack)   SRP $8.99
  • 173330  Lemon Tart Pie (2 slices/pack)   SRP $8.99
  • 173340  Apple Crisp Pie (2 slices/pack)   SRP $8.99
  • 173350  Mudslide Pie (2 slices/pack)  SRP $8.99
  • 173360  Turtle Pie (2 slices/pack)  SRP $8.99