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5 Reasons Your Customers Will Love Shiloh Farms Red Quinoa

Posted in Featured Brand on May 29th at 8:23 pm

Quinoa was once a sacred food staple for the ancient Incas who referred to it as “the Mother Grain.” In fact, quinoa isn’t a grain at all, but a seed of the Goosefoot plant. It is similar in size to millet but flat with a pointed oval shape, like a cross between sesame seeds and millet, but quinoa’s connection to a grain comes from its similar cooking properties.

Red quinoa has a more hearty texture and flavor than its paler counterparts, but it has a fluffy consistency with a mild, delicate, slightly nutty flavor similar to the over 120 other species of quinoa – ranging from ivory to pinks, brown, reds and almost black.

Shiloh Farms Red Quinoa is certified organic and is a great staple for customers looking to incorporate this high protein ingredient into their diet of healthy, wholesome foods. There are many reasons your customers will love Shiloh Farms Red Quinoa if they give it a try, but our top five are below.

Quinoa is:

  • An easy substitute for rice, wheat, corn and barley in recipes.
  • A rich and balanced source of vital nutrients.
  • A good source of fiber.
  • A light, tasty and easy-to-digest source of nutrition for children.
  • An excellent source of nutrition for vegetarians.

If you’re looking to carry this and other Shiloh Farms grains in your retail store, Garden Spot Distributors carries the following offerings. Contact us today to place your order!

191202 SHILOH FARMS Buckwheat Groats (Raw) 6 CS 32.00 oz. OR

191206 SHILOH FARMS Kasha (roasted buckwheat groats) 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

191281 SHILOH FARMS Couscous, Whole Wheat 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

191286 SHILOH FARMS Couscous 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192001 SHILOH FARMS Barley, Hulless 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192011 SHILOH FARMS Barley, Hulled 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192025 SHILOH FARMS Quinoa Grain, Tri-Color 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

192052 SHILOH FARMS Millet Grain 6 CS 30.00 oz. OR

192056 SHILOH FARMS Quinoa Grain 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192058 SHILOH FARMS Quinoa Grain, Red 6 CS 16.00 oz. OR

192062 SHILOH FARMS Brown Rice, Long Grain 6 CS 32.00 oz. OR

192072 SHILOH FARMS Brown Rice, Short Grain 6 CS 32.00 oz. OR

192084 SHILOH FARMS Brown Basmati Rice 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192141 SHILOH FARMS Kamut Grain 6 CS 15.00 oz. OR

192181 SHILOH FARMS California Wild Rice 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

192220 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted Red Quinoa Grain 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

192230 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted Golden Quinoa Grain 6 CS 12.00 oz. OR

Bulk up your store’s selection of nutritious grains like red quinoa today!