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Australis Barramundi

Posted in Featured Brand on July 16th at 10:53 am

Australis, Barramundi try now at Garden Spot Foods and receive 10% off in JulyWith so many “fish in the sea,” choosing the right one can be difficult. Australis makes the choice easy with their healthy, environmentally-friendly, sustainable Barramundi, a seabass native to Australia. Part of Climate-Smart Ocean Farming, Australis contributes very little to the environmental footprint. Your customers can feel content knowing they are eating smarter while also helping the environment.

Australis Barramundi is an extraordinary white fish that has a mild, buttery flavor and meaty texture that bring restaurant-quality taste into your customers’ homes. Barramundi is boneless, skinless, and comes in ready-to-cook, sealed individual packages. Barramundi has no mercury or contaminants and is free from antibiotics, hormones, additives, or colorants.

Try the first ocean-farmed fish to win “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch today. Order by July 31st at Garden Spot Foods and receive 10% off!

170010 Barramundi Fillets: 12/12 oz. – $75.60* (CS) – $9.99 (SRP)
*Prices reflect 10% discount valid thru 7/31/2018.

Brand Focus: Pacific Sustainable Seafood

Posted in Featured Brand on March 16th at 4:06 pm

For over 70 years, Pacific Sustainable Seafood (formerly Starfish) has harvested, processed, and distributed the highest-quality and best-tasting seafood the ocean has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about this great brand and how to save 10% for a limited time!

As the name suggests, sustainability has been ingrained in the culture of Pacific Sustainable Seafood since the very beginning. By taking a holistic, all-encompassing approach to its business, Pacific Sustainable Seafood is able to maintain oversight of every step in its supply chain, from dock to distribution. This not only allows for complete traceability of each product Pacific Sustainable Seafood brings to market (the who-where-when), it also guarantees that the highest quality standards are met throughout the process, from employing sustainable harvesting practices to selecting 100% recyclable packaging to reduce end waste. Beyond the substantial environmental benefits, protecting and preserving the longevity and health of our oceans ensures that Pacific Sustainable Seafood will be able to continue providing superior, all natural seafood for generations to come!

Pacific Sustainable Seafood

Pacific Sustainable Seafood is on special! From now through the end of March, receive 10% off every case ordered. Gluten Free, All Natural, and Wild Caught, Pacific Sustainable Seafood fish is flash frozen at sea, locking in the flavor at the source! So contact us today to take advantage of this limited time offer! Garden Spot Distributors currently offers the following varieties:

171400 Battered Cod:  12/10 oz – $66.42* (CS) – $8.79 (SRP)
171405 Parmesan Encrusted Cod:  12/9 oz – $67.93* (CS) – $8.99 (SRP)
171410 Battered Haddock:  12/10 oz – $77.87* (CS) – $10.29 (SRP)
171415 Battered Halibut:  12/10 oz – $128.52* (CS) – $16.99 (SRP)
171420 Italian Breaded Sole:  12/9.5 oz – $62.42* (CS) – $8.29 (SRP)
171460 Panko Breaded Fish Sticks:  12/9 oz – $52.92* (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)
* Prices adjusted to reflect 10% Case Discount, valid 3/16/15 – 3/31/15.

Celebrate July 4th with Star of the Sea Crab Cakes

Posted in Featured Brand on July 2nd at 4:00 pm

Star of the Sea Seafood is a family owned and operated seafood business in southern New Jersey offering quality crab, flounder, oysters, scallops and more. The business began in 1985 as a seafood restaurant that earned rave reviews. When customer after customer inquired about where to buy the quality seafood to cook at home, the Redner family decided to forgo the restaurant business in favor of creating their quality seafood products for wholesale.

Star of the Sea’s jumbo lump crab cake is made with fresh blue crab meat. The jumbo lump crab is blended with a special combination of vegetables and spices that make up Star of the Sea’s famous recipe. Better yet, these crab cakes feature crab meat fresh from American waters, and they contain no egg or mayonnaise products.

If you’re interested in carrying Star of the Sea Seafood in your store, Garden Spot Distributors offers the following products. Contact us today to place your order!

171500 Crab Cakes (2pk) 6/ 6 oz CS $50.52 $8.42 $11.99

171510 Stuffed Flounder (2/pk) 6/ 7.5 oz CS $50.52 $8.42 $11.99

These delicious crab cakes – voted “Best of Philly” in 2008 and 2009 by Philadelphia Magazine – are sure to please your seafood-loving customers this summer!

Orca Bay

Posted in Featured Brand Product Review on July 1st at 3:15 pm

Orca Bay is an energetic and creative food products and services company providing exceptional seafood choices for more than 25 years. Our success is owed to a winning blend of quality, value and innovation – it’s a formula that distinguishes every level of our business. From our people, to our products, to the clients that we serve, our goal will always be to exceed expectations and to keep the Orca Bay whale synonymous with true quality and customer satisfaction. Read more…