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Violife 100% Vegan Cheese

Posted in Featured Brand on August 9th at 5:11 pm

Violife 100% vegan, gluten-free cheeses


Introducing new Violife 100% vegan cheeses! Made with all-natural products, Violife is free from animal products, preservatives, soy, nuts, gluten, lactose and cholesterol. Your customers can be assured they are eating guilt and allergen free! They will also love the versatility of the chesses and how many ways they can cook with them. From pizza to mac & cheese the possibilities are endless with easy-to-melt Violife cheeses.

Violife was created in Thessalonica Greece by foodies dedicated to making 100% vegan, non-dairy products. They are committed to making harmless, clean, real food without compromising taste. Violife has been able to create a wide range of cheese from wedges, blocks, slices and everything in between.

Garden Spot Foods is happy to carry a wide variety of Violife Cheeses in slices, blocks, and wedges!

143460 Just Like Feta Block: 12/7.05 oz. – $54.48 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)
143435 Just Like Mature Cheddar Block: 13/7.05 oz. – $45.37 (CS) – $4.99 (SRP)
143445 Just Like Mozzarella Block: 13/7.05 oz. – $45.37 (CS) – $4.99 (SRP)
143450 Just Like Mature Cheddar Slices: 12/7.05 oz. – $48.60 (CS) – $5.79 (SRP)
143455 Just Like Smoked Provolone Slices: 12/7.05 oz. – $48.60 (CS) – $5.79 (SRP)
143465 Just Like Parmesan Wedge: 11/7.05 oz. – $49.94 (CS) – $6.49 (SRP)