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Featured Brand: Vitabella

Posted in Featured Brand on May 4th at 7:00 pm

Founded over 145 years ago, Vitabella Gluten Free Cereals build upon five generations of history and tradition as one of the premier millers and producers of corn-based products in Italy. The company’s mission of “Goodness and authenticity without compromise” is still borne out today in its strict quality standards and ongoing commitment to tradition. At Vitabella, modern technologies (such as solar power systems and temperature-controlled storage silos) are seamlessly paired with traditional manufacturing techniques. Although these processes may take more time and care, they result in a nutritious and highly digestible product that preserves the quality, character, and flavor of the natural grain.

All Vitabella cereals are Certified Gluten Free and made using only the highest quality Non-GMO ingredients. Free from artificial colors and preservatives, the cereals are vitamin-enriched with key nutrients such as calcium, iron, and Vitamin B. Try the Corn Flakes or Multigrain Cereal, traditional favorites offering a healthful boost to any morning routine. Or choose Choco-Nut Pillows for a sweet and crunchy treat that perfectly blends the rich flavors of chocolate and hazelnut with whole-grain cereal goodness! Garden Spot Foods is currently the exclusive distributor of Vitabella cereals in the United States!

Interested in carrying these delicious gluten free cereals or one of our other quality products? Contact us today to order:

193770 Choco-Nut Pillow Cereal: 8/10.5 oz – $37.28 (CS) – $6.99 (SRP)
193780 Corn Flakes Cereal: 8/10.5 oz – $23.92 (CS) – $4.49 (SRP)
193790 Multigrain Special Flakes Cereal: 8/10.5 oz – $36.24 (CS) – $6.79 (SRP)